“LaPier’s energy, creative ideas for corporate innovation, and ability to actually implement new ventures into organizations are proven qualities — demonstrated over and over again with great success.”

“I worked with Terry LaPier for over ten years as a CEO mentor and lecturer in his Wharton classes. It continued to amaze me to see the cutting-edge business development and growth strategies he comes up with — and the level of innovation thinking that he inspires.”

“Pierpont and Terry’s teaching and consulting techniques focus on creating a vision, articulating the vision, reviewing the “wave of opportunities positioning” and executing a great strategy. My five years of entrepreneurial value creation mentoring and lecturing with Terry were tremendous.”

“Pierpont and Terry’s Global market-entry strategies were spot on! I fully enjoyed watching Terry’s growth at Bechtel and collaborating with him at Wharton.”

“Pierpont & Terry’s team approach and creativity is unparalleled for creating entrepreneurial value! My years of lecturing with Terry at Wharton opened my eyes to even more outstanding business concepts and greatness!”

“Terry has led his Wharton students by mitigating fear and providing high-level analytical tools to evaluate their risk and develop complementary management team members around them to complement their individual skills.”

“Creating one’s personal & corporate platform is a key step to thinking big and differently. The exploratory steps taken to get your mindset shifted is special. I developed my company’s initial strategies while attending Terry’s course”.

“I remember working all night as a doctor in the emergency room and attending Terry’s Wharton class during the morning sessions. I used his course’s concepts to create Executive Health, which I sold to United Health Group. I continue to use the platform that was established during this personal growth development”

“Terry’s ability to innovate and execute within Academic, Business and Government arena is exceptional!”

“Terry orchestrates these corporate and government leaders into thinking and evaluating complex managerial dilemmas by collectively providing great, long-term solutions.”

“Terry talks very little about dreaming about success; instead he focuses on creating platforms and working for it.”

“Entrepreneurial Value Creation for Terry, is the art of developing a global academic, business and government platform for each person and setting out to make it work.”

“Incredible interpersonal skills while keeping the “big picture” in healthcare and education focus while creating value at all enterprise levels.”

“What a mindset shift! This is the way to think about having the proper ethics and value creation. My eight years of lecturing and mentoring with Terry at Wharton proved to me America has an outstanding future.”

“Pierpont’s connections to global business leaders introductions and follow up was stunning!”

“I remember well working on my academic, business and government platform in Terry’s classes. He helped me visualize and act on an effective personal and corporate growth path.”

“Pierpont’s strategic advice created several add-on opportunities for our firms.”