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Pierpont advises its own portfolio companies; small to large third-party companies, and invests in corporate rollups and in other growth oriented opportunities. Top corporate leaders and entrepreneurs work with Pierpont to identify, devise, operationalize and monetize unique corporate growth strategies that create value and deliver exceptional returns. Investment and advisory transactions closed include corporate rollups, market entry strategies, alliances, mergers, joint ventures, and positioning for corporate IPOs.

Creating Corporate Growth & Innovation

Drawing from Terry’s extensive Wharton and business / government contacts, Pierpont assists CEOs and corporate leaders to achieve new levels of competitive distinction – for themselves and for the firms – by using big data analytical research tools and newly positioned strategies, then creating and embedding new growth and “cutting-edge” sustainable innovation into their organizations.

How? By Working Closely and Confidentially with Leaders to:

Challenge existing concepts – about the organization and the competitive landscape.

Pierpont uses its advanced analytics capabilities to create new opportunities for our portfolio investments, yet we found that only a small percentage of our target companies are able to combine the right tools, data, professionals and organizational focus to take advantage. To realize the value of big data, Pierpont uses the organizations focus on strategic—and not merely technological—solutions. Pierpont’s strategy experience and analytical expertise help ensure that businesses build the right capabilities to mine data for insights that can enable better decisions and create value.

Uncover new opportunities – creating game-changing businesses and innovative pathways to untapped markets.

Create cutting-edge strategies for growth and innovation.

Implement new ventures and capabilities in the organization. With the capacity to draw on an experienced team of business leaders and thinkers, Pierpont uses a customized yet structured approach to generate new opportunities for top-line growth, value creation and sustained profitability. For the senior manager, this means tapping into an engine of innovation while staying focused on the enterprise as a whole.

Strategy is a company’s game plan for winning; it maps out the moves a business must make to outwit the competition, captivate customers and increase long-term shareholder value. Effective strategy inspires and informs the actions of the executive team, and mobilizes employees.

Pierpont has helped numerous organizations develop and deliver on their strategies. He has enabled companies to find new sources of profitable growth, re-position their businesses for the future and sharpen their competitive advantage.


CEO Coaching

Leadership Coaching Q&A:


Who are your clients?

Terry, personally, handles directly and confidentially business leaders who aspire to be extraordinary. Many are already highly successful CEOs looking to expand and implement new ventures, either internal or external to the organization. Others are the next generation of CEOs and leaders who want to advance their professional growth to achieve extraordinary results. The leaders Terry advises have the desire to excel and the self-awareness to realize that they can accelerate and amplify their success through focused attention, an infusion of new ideas and confidential collaboration and feedback. Together, we build a customized plan for personal and professional growth that is laser sharp in focus and action.

What is unique about your coaching?

Coaching is a passion! Terry directly enjoys helping other leaders succeed by using his proven tactics that evolved out of his own businesses and his Wharton leadership experience. It has given him a unique perspective on how to push leaders to be the best and to excel beyond their initial limits.

Over the past 25 years, Terry has had the opportunity to work, study, teach and coach with some of the best business minds and top CEOs around the world. Terry knows firsthand what it means to be accountable for P&L, new ventures, corporate growth and acquisition strategies in companies from a variety of industries. Terry’s extensive research at the London School of Economics focused in-depth on successful corporate growth and global diversification strategies. In Wharton’s intensive Advanced Management Program, he examined CEO-driven issues of leadership, personal and organizational change, and competitive strategy with top-level executives from leading organizations around the world. And, in his seventeen years teaching at Wharton, Terry has forged close relationships with exceptional CEOs from around the world, Wharton faculty and an incredibly talented group of MBA students of all ages and experience levels.

Terry thinks this combination of an in-the-trenches experience, research-based analysis and a network of innovative business thinkers and leaders affords me a depth and breadth of insight that I apply to every individual I coach.

How does a CEO or leader benefit from working with you as a coach?

Often, the management teams of significant companies have successful leaders who want to stretch still further to accomplish personal aspirations in business, government, their communities and the world. As a coach, Terry serves as catalyst and confidante to help them focus on and fulfill those goals – and I draw on the best and brightest in business, government and education to generate transforming ideas, connections and opportunities.
Pierpont and Terry target what the company’s strategy is trying to achieve, chart a course of action that leads to real outcomes and maintain a close, confidential relationship that often lasts far beyond the official coaching engagement.

Depending on their goals, Pierpont’s retained companies have been able to:

  • accelerate their professional growth and career success
  • sharpen their business acumen
  • increase their social capital through high-level networking
  • improve their own net worth
  • create cutting-edge strategies for their business
  • inspire their teams and organizations to achieve exceptional results

True entrepreneurial leadership is a process of discovery. And great entrepreneurial leadership happens in a climate of high impact. Pierpont’s role is to help you accomplish both.